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Did you know that when you try to water your landscape by hand, you actually end up wasting about 50% of the water you used via runoff or evaporation? This ineffective way of caring for your yard is a great way to push your water bills up, but isn’t so hot when it comes to keeping your plants properly hydrated.

GRC Services helps you save water and time by installing commercial irrigation systems in Palm Beach, Miami-Dade, Broward, St. Lucie and Martin Counties. These systems are designed to help you conserve resources, reduce your costs, and make it less time consuming to maintain your yard. Reach out to our arborists to have an expertly installed and maintained irrigation system added to your property.

Automate Your Water Schedule

By working with our irrigation system company, you are able to create a system that is designed to deliver a variety of different benefits to you and your yard. Not all of the benefits are simply financial either. When you have an automatic irrigation system installed, you can also enjoy:

Reduction in Weed Growth

The key to a successful irrigation system is to have one custom designed for your specific property. Our team makes sure that any system we install provides water to the areas that truly need it, instead of to areas where weeds could potentially grow. There are a number of different irrigation systems available to you, and our team helps you choose the best option for your space, flora, and budget.

Improvement in Plant Growth

When watered with smaller amounts of water over a longer period of time, you will find that your plants will begin to grow faster and greener than they did before. This is exactly what your irrigation system is designed to do.

Better Preservation of Soil Nutrients

Watering your yard by hand often leads to too much water seeping into the soil. This causes runoff, which usually carries away many of the precious nutrients your plants need to remain vibrant and healthy. Not only that, but using a hose can compact your soil, which could suffocate your plants or cause root disease. An irrigation system doesn’t cause these problems. Instead, it preserves your soil structure and helps your plants keep the nutrients they need to absorb.

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